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Records management

The specialists from our records management department are on hand to make managing your archives easy. We go further than just providing a storage space; we create a comprehensive strategy for your documents. A strategy that is highly effective and complies stringently with the regulations that apply to your organisation.

We are a member of the international association PRISM (Professional Records and Information Services Management), which groups companies specialized in records management throughout the world. Thanks to this network of partners we can respond to requests for tenders worldwide, and deliver global solutions.

We set ourselves the challenge of taking care of your documents throughout their whole lifespan, from creation to disposal. We tailor our solutions to suit your requirements, providing only the services that you really need.

Managing your archives

Our team will come to your storage location and provide the full service or only the parts you require, including labelling, drawing up a detailed inventory, packing and barcode scanning. Your archives will then be loaded on to our vehicles to be moved to our storage areas.

    • Sorting

If you need your archives sorted, we can separate those to be destroyed from those to be stored. This can be done right at the outset, so you only pay for what you end up storing. We can then sort your archives further by their department and year of origin to make it easier for you to view and/or dispose of them further down the line.

    • Packing

We can provide archiving boxes and crates to ensure that your archives are stored in optimum conditions.

    • Labelling and inventory

All archives receive unique barcodes so we can locate them within our depots at any time and record their transport history in our database. You have the option to manage your inventory yourself, or to leave it in the capable hands of our archiving team.

Secure storage

We store your archives in the best possible conditions at our secure premises, performing highly detailed computer monitoring. We tailor our storage solutions to your needs to ensure that you only pay for the storage you require and to make accessing them easier.

  • Secure premises

    With dedicated archive storage premises ideally located in the Swiss cantons of Geneva and Vaud, we provide a swift service covering Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg. The same levels of security are in place at each location.

    • Fire and flooding detection
    • Protection against unlawful entry
    • Alarm system connected to a surveillance company
    • 24/7 surveillance
    • Humidity is constantly monitored using a network of sensors
    • Access to the premises is controlled and restricted to authorised personnel.
  • Tailored storage solutions

    A private zone , for your most confidential archives :

    • All your archives stored together in the same private cabinet
    • Access is restricted to authorised personnel only
    • You have the option of restricting access to your documents to you alone (you hold the only set of keys)

    A group zone , for the archives you need to access regularly :

    • Boxes are unlabelled and stored randomly on shelving units for confidentiality
    • They can be delivered to you on request or viewed on our premises
    • Highly secure premises – access is restricted to Harsch staff

    A storage zone for IT data storage :

    • Optimum storage conditions ensured by constant humidity monitoring using sensors
    • You have the option of regular backup rotation
  • Computer monitoring

    We monitor all the archives entrusted to us using a dedicated database. We allocate each unit its own unique barcode, and any actions taken are recorded in real time on its activity log. This allows you to pinpoint the location of your documents whenever you need to and see who has viewed them at any time.

Online Management

Harsch offers you one of the most effective online management tools available on the market : « MyRecords ». Your archives are accessible vis the « Customer Access » tab, which is easier and safer thanks to this software’s confidential User ID.

Its interface is very intuitive and is quickly mastered :

    • Simplified search bar: enter the information which you have available, the software will find the corresponding records in your inventory
    • Thematic thumbnail tabs: deliveries, collection, disposal…order all the services you need with a single click
    • Access to digitized records: preview your digitized documents directly in the inventory (see Digitization on request)
    • Tools to manage your account: invoices, work orders, stocks…. all the details of your records management contract with a single click.

    Whether you are a standard user or an administrator, the tool is adapted to your needs, and you can even organise the stored archives from your offices.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration!

Confidential disposal

Document disposal is traceable and complies with Swiss regulations. On your request, we can dispose of your documents at the end of their legal storage period. We follow a rigorous disposal process, giving you the option to choose between recycling and incineration :

    • We identify the archives for disposal following your instructions
    • A precise list is drawn up for you to validate
    • The items for disposal are subject to a two-stage identification and scanning process
    • Secure and confidential transportation
    • The option to seal the transport vehicle and/or containers


Harsch also offers digitization of archives


In addition to records managements, we also offer digitization.


Harsch also offers office relocation


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