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Fine Art moving & storage

With a logistics platform based in Geneva, supported by branches in Zurich, Basel and Lausanne, and a team of logistics specialists and experienced technicians, we can provide the support you need in Switzerland or throughout the world, as required. Art has no limits, and nor do we.

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Founder member of ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters), started in 1977, we are committed to promoting the highest quality standards applying to the transport of works of art. This Association is made up of more than 70 companies specialized in the transport of works of art, spread over nearly 40 countries. We work with partners in diverse parts of the world who belong to this network, in order to guarantee our customers the same level of quality whatever the country.

Art has no limits, and nor do we.

Packing and made-to-measure crates

Every work of art is unique and requires the use of special packaging depending on its size, shape and construction. Our technicians receive ongoing training so as to develop in-depth knowledge of the different packaging techniques. We also have an in-house carpentry service for producing made-to-measure crates.

  • Standard crate
    • The most commonly used crate, meeting all requirements for transport by road and sea
    • Comprises four 18 mm solid wood side panels and two 10 mm poplar wood panels at the front and back
    • The interior of the crate can be fitted with foam or cardboard, as required for the item to be transported
    • Ideal for medium-sized items such as mirrors, crockery, paintings and small sculptures

    See the crate with cardboard

    See the crate with foam

  • Cardboard crate
    • Composed of the same structure as the standard bodywork.
    • The 2 wooden panels (front + back) are replaced by cardboard sheets.
    • Lighter and cheaper than the standard box.
    • Suitable for road transport and storage.
    • Can also be used as the inner container of an air transportation or exhibition crate. (double crate)

    See the crate

  • Air transportation crate
    • Crate designed for air transport, to ensure maximum security during airport handling.
    • 16 mm-thick solid wood and mixed fir reinforcements at the corners and around the front and back panels of the crate.
    • The inside of the crate can be customised to suit the item to be transported.
    • Options available: double crate, shock watch and anti-roll indicators, paintwork, heat insulation and moisture control unit.

    See the crate

  • Sculpture crate
    • Crate specially designed for transport large or heavy items or works of art.
    • Fitted with 10 cm supports so that it can be moved using a forklift truck.
    • The 16 mm solid wood reinforcements on the sides, top and bottom ensure maximum protection during transportation by road, air or sea.
    • Depending on the item to be transported, the crate can be fitted with different types of foam padding to ensure that the artwork is firmly supported inside the crate.
    • Options available: double crate, shock watch and anti-roll indicators, paintwork, heat insulation and moisture control unit.

    See the crate

  • Exhibition crate
    • Crate specially designed for fragile or high-value items.
    • Full foam padding inside to absorb all shocks and vibrations.
    • Heat insulation to eliminate temperature differences that could occur during transport.
    • An external structure in 18 mm-thick solid wood and reinforcements on the sides, front and back provide maximum protection for transport by road, air or sea.
    • Options available: double crate, shock watch and anti-roll indicators, paintwork and moisture control unit.

    See the crate

Logistics expertise

With our logistics team’s in-depth knowledge of transport and customs requirements, you can be assured of personalised service. This expertise allows them to operate within the constraints that are associated with certain requests, but also to propose suitable solutions to meet your technical, qualitative and budgetary requirements.

  • Transport

    Road transport

    • Vehicles designed for transport works of art, with enhanced air conditioning and security systems. Confidentiality and discretion are also standard practice.
    • Weekly shuttles specifically for consolidated consignments of works of art, between Geneva, Zurich, Paris and London and throughout Switzerland.

    Air and sea transport

    • Special packaging to ensure fully secure transport.
    • carry out all types of project throughout the world. Network of representatives selected in accordance with stringent quality standards to
  • Customs formalities

    We can carry out all customs formalities in our premises as we hold the necessary customs authorisations: AR (approved receiver), AS (approved shipper). We undertake customs clearances at all customs offices in Switzerland.

    • Formalities for import/export/transit operations
    • Obtaining and drawing up the necessary documentation for customs clearances.
    • Drawing up and requesting various authorisations such as CITES.
    • Advising on customs legislation specific to moves, items from inheritances, works of art and exhibitions.
    • Bonded customs warehouse authorisation (EDO), providing the option to indefinitely store merchandise that has not been cleared by customs on our premises.
    • Management of goods in bonded storage.

Secure storage

We have a dedicated area solely for storing works of art, with or without customs clearance. We can offer the right storage solutions for your needs.

  • Secure premises

    Our dedicated premises for the storage of works of art are in easily accessible city centre locations in the Geneva and Vaud cantons. The same levels of security are in place at each location.

    • Fire and flooding detection
    • Protection against unlawful entry
    • Alarm system connected to a surveillance company
    • 24-hour surveillance, 7 days a week
    • Constant humidity of 50%
    • Air conditioning at +/- 20°C
    • Access to the premises is controlled and restricted to authorised personnel.
  • Tailored storage solutions

    We can offer tailored storage solutions according to your needs. Please contact us for personalised advice.

    • Group or private zone storage solutions configured to your requirements and with dedicated access.
    • Option to store bonded items indefinitely, with our bonded customs warehouse authorisation.

Additional services

    • Private exhibition rooms are available where your items can be viewed, photographed or shown.
    • We can organise services link to your artworks: pictures, restoration, analyses from scientific laboratories.
    • Insurance: all our premises are certified by specialist insurers; we can also insure your items during transport and/or storage through our insurer.

“Art in good hands”

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