Harsch installs enormous sculptures in the Parc des Eaux-vives for artgeneve

posted on Juni

A majestic park for 14 sculptures

Organised by Thomas Hug, Director of artgenéve, Lionel Bovier, Director of MAMCO (Geneva’s Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art), and Michèle Freiburghaus Lens, Cultural Counsellor in charge of FMAC (City of Geneva Fund for Contemporary Art), the first edition of the Geneva Sculptures Biennale will take place this summer in the majestic Parc des Eaux-Vives. This follows on from artgeneve’s initiative to display sculptures in public spaces, on the Quai Wilson during the fair, and in this same park during the summer of 2016. The objective is to enable Geneva’s artistic scene to inscribe a second date in the international calendar of contemporary art events.

Lionel Bovier member of the organising committee

Lionel Bovier, director of MAMCO and curator of the 2018 Biennale explains the conception of the event : “the exhibition is conceived as a journey, an invitation to take a stroll in the Park, in order to discover contemporary artistic creations. These have been disposed to offer the walker a series of encounters, either in dialogue with the landscape, or in contrast to it, through the incursion of urban themes. In effect, one discovers a giant mushroom and an aluminium tree struck by lightning, as well as phone booths put to other uses and a flying saucer….thus 14 works inhabit, for the duration of a summer, the pathways and the grasslands, the copses and the glades, of a landscaped park so loved by Geneva’s inhabitants.

Harsch sponsor of the event

Our company is very proud to be able to participate in its own way in this Biennale de Sculptures. Our employees have spent many hours installing these enormous works of art, which require very specialized expertise.

Here is a short film describing the installation of some of these sculptures. But nothing replaces a walk through the Parc des Eaux-Vives this summer, up to September 8th, when the exhibition ends. In this way you will this be able to appreciate this incredible duality between Nature and Art.