The story of a family business where
tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

Moving forward without relinquishing the heritage of the past. Quality is nowadays reflected not only in work that has been done, but also in the innovative character of the solutions proposed to our customers.

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Founding of the HARSCH company

Harsch is a family business founded in 1957 in Geneva, named after its founders Irène and Henri Harsch. Right from the beginning, the company specialized in packing and shipping fine arts and antiquities all over the world.

Bertrand Harsch joins the company

In 1973, Bertrand Harsch, the son of the founders and an engineer with a degree from the EPFZ, joined the company and quickly became the President.

He managed the company for more than 40 years, actively promoting its development both internationally in the moving business, and also in Switzerland where subsidiaries were opened in Basel and Zurich.

Inauguration of the container depot in Gland

In 1989, a container depot was built in Gland to meet the strong demand for storing furniture.

This depot was expanded in 2004, thus doubling the storage capacity.

FIDI Trophy award “Mover of the Year”

IN 1995, Harsch won the FIDI international organisation’s “Mover of the year” prize, in recognition of the high quality service provided to customers and agents.

Harsch has always attached considerable importance to obtaining recognised certifications. It holds several in numerous different areas, including in particular ISO 9001 and 14001.

Records Management department

In 1998, Harsch set up a department for records management to meet the needs of companies wishing to outsource their archives.

It was possible to set up this service due to the highly secure storage space already available to the company.

Expansion of the existing Carouge premises

Harsch opened in Carouge in 1971, establishing its headquarters and administrative offices there.

In 1999 and then again in 2010, Harsch undertook expansions of its premises, each time doubling the available storage capacity.

Takeover of Schneider International in Laufenburg (AG)

In 2015, Harsch took over Schneider International’s business activities. This company was focused on international moving, with a strong logistics base ideally situated between Basel and Zurich.

This acquisition allowed Harsch to double its capacity and thus reinforce its presence in the German part of Switzerland.

Bertrand Harsch passes the company to his daughter Isabelle Harsch

Isabelle joined the family business in 2011, after completing her master’s degree in law. She worked with her father for almost 5 years, before taking over the company leadership in 2015.

Isabelle Harsch represents the third generation running the family business. She intends to further develop the company while continuing to uphold its family values.

Takeover of Transdem in Lausanne (VD)

In 2016, Harsch took over Transdem to establish a long-term presence in the Lausanne area.

For more than 30 years Transdem was focused on moving and on the transportation of works of art in Lausanne. It enjoys an excellent reputation in the area thanks to its founders, the Jaccoud family.

Acquisition of two companies from Lausanne, Cevey and Bovy SA.

Two years after the acquisition of Transdem, Harsch bought two new companies in the Lausanne area, Cevey and Bovy SA. Specialized in private and corporate moves, they reinforce our presence in this dynamic region.

Together for the next 60 years

In 1957, Henri and Irène Harsch founded our enterprise with one truck and a few employees. Today, 60 years later, it’s their granddaughter Isabelle who runs the company. She succeeds her father who developed the company for more than 40 years. She is driven by a strong will to maintain it as a family business, while developing it on the different markets where it operates.

65th anniversary of the company

We were proud to celebrate the company’s 65th anniversary. For us, it was important to create a unique visual for this special year. The honor of the picture goes to the founding grandfather, who is linked by the slogan to his granddaughter, the current CEO.

Acquisition of a new company in the canton of Vaud

Seven years after the acquisition of Transdem, Harsch acquires a new company based in Carrouge in the canton of Vaud. Transmay Sàrl has been managed by Sylvain Maye since 1992.

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