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“Gain peace of mind for your move and reduce the impact on your business activities”

Office relocation

Office and company relocation in Geneva and Switzerland


Our specialised office relocation department provides you with a team of qualified and trustworthy professionals. Take advantage of our experienced personnel to assist you with your moves in the best possible manner. We don’t just move furniture, we also offer a complete planning strategy to minimize the impact that your move has on your activity.

A qualified international moving company


Since 2012, we are a member of the international association OMA (Office Moving Alliance), which groups nearly 100 companies specialized in office relocation throughout the world. Thanks to this network of partners we can respond to requests for tenders worldwide, and deliver global solutions.

A range of services about office relocation


Our goal: to offer you a service tailored to your needs, with a dedicated contact person to give you the best possible advice.

Turnkey project management

Before we start your move, one of our advisers will organise a technical visit to your premises. This is because planning is the key to a successful office move. During this visit, our expert will take the time necessary to get a clear understanding of your project and your most important requirements (time period, budget and dates) in order to structure a made-to-measure solution for you. As a member of the OMA international association (Office Moving Alliance), we are able to participate in worldwide calls for tender thanks to our partners located in many countries around the world.

In order to provide the best possible service for you, we can:

    • Draw up a precise budget and stick to it;
    • Plan a timetable for the project and meet your deadlines;
    • Anticipate potential risks;
    • Coordinate the tasks of the various suppliers;
    • Supervise the work carried out.

Our teams will take care of the moving aspect of these projects, and can also provide related technical services.

Internal moving and handling

We aim to carry out your move without interrupting your company’s activities. If necessary we can work outside normal office hours to get the job done.

  • Moving

    For your office relocation, take advantage of our personnel’s experience. Our removals staff receive ongoing training, they are multi-skilled and work with made-to-measure equipment. Thanks to their many years of experience, our personnel will answer your most exacting needs in terms of quality, security and confidentiality.

      • Disassembling and reassembling all types of furniture;
      • Packing and unpacking your employees’ work documents and personal belongings;
      • Storing computer hardware and multimedia in optimum conditions;
      • Transporting belongings;
      • Removal of items for disposal;
      • Storing belongings in storage units.
  • Internal handling

    Our internal handling service is designed for companies who regularly need to have items moved. Our teams are on hand to come to your assistance quickly, whether you need to move furniture or heavy objects (such as safes, fire-extinguisher cabinets or inverters). For regular jobs such as these, you will have the same team at your disposal with a thorough knowledge of your premises, saving time and enabling them to develop a relationship of trust with your staff.

Technical services

We can manage the move, or we can also provide additional related services:

  • Technical services
      • IT services

    We can take charge of disconnecting and then reconnecting your computers, servers, printers and plotters. We can also take care of the reboot protocols for your computers and servers.

      • Cleaning service

    We also offer an end-of-tenancy cleaning service that complies with the specifications set forth by property management companies and according to the conditions stipulated by the respective cantons.

      • Electrical service

    We can disconnect all types of electronic devices (home cinema, projectors, lamps, ceiling lights and so on) and reconnect them at your new address, while complying fully with the relevant regulations

  • Finding office space

    À l’aide de partenaires, With the assistance of partners, we can help you to find new offices for your company. Together we specify your requirements, and we will then look for premises corresponding to these criteria :

    • Types of premises
    • Current and future surface area required
    • Geographic location
    • Budget

Furniture recovery solutions

  • Furniture recovery

    When you move, your furniture may be renewed, meaning you need to find a solution for your old furniture. If so, we can provide temporary storage space until you find a permanent solution.

      • Furniture recovery

    To give your old furniture a second life and avoid scrapping it, we have developed recovery services through our clients or our network of partners. This service forms part of our environmental policy (ISO 14001) and can drastically reduce the cost of replacing your old furniture.

      • Disposing of belongings

    We can take items to the waste disposal centre if necessary. We remove all kinds of property (furniture, safes, electronic equipment and so on) and adapt our disposal methods to the type of waste.

      • Secure storage

    We provide secure short- or long-term storage space for your belongings for however long you require.

  • Barcode management

    Our experience in records management led us to develop a furniture management system coupled with barcodes monitoring. With this service, you have the following options:

      • View the full inventory of your belongings online
      • Enter all your orders online
      • Transfers in and out are all traceable
      • Create a catalogue of your furniture
      • Organise a comprehensive routine scan of all your assets for stock checking purposes.

Harsch is also Records Management


Along with your office relocation, take a look at our Archives service


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