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Always on the move!

Whether you’re moving to a new town, canton or country, our teams in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich can help you through the transition. Selected according to stringent quality criteria, our network of international representatives covers more than 173 countries where we can arrange your move or relocation.

Our tailored solutions are geared to the individual needs of expatriate staff, HR managers, private individuals, families and diplomats. We offer a range of services that include careful packing of your belongings, completing administrative and customs procedures, finding accommodation and helping you to get to know the area. You can focus on your plans while we do the rest!

Local and international moves

Relocation service

“A different approach to moving”

Local & International moves

Moving house can create an emotional upheaval. You can rely on our experience and expertise to make your move as smooth as possible. Enjoy the positives of the fresh start associated with this major change in your life!

Personal advice

Just as no two individuals’ circumstances are the same, no two moves are the same either. Our staff are here to understand your specific situation and cater to your exact requirements.

    • Our advisor will take the time during the technical visit to assess your situation and come up with a proposal that meets your individual needs and suits your budget.
    • The move is managed by one of our coordinators, who will plan the entire process of the move with you, covering dates, transit times and issues relating to customs formalities.
    • For international moves, we will use one of our partners, all of whom are selected according to stringent quality standards. We’ll take care of coordination with them, monitoring the progress of the move from start to finish.

The removal process

  • Departure service: packing

    To get your personal belongings ready for the move, our packers will arrive at your home with the right equipment for your needs. Our qualified, highly experienced personnel receive ongoing training, so you can have full confidence in them.

    All of your belongings will be packed with the greatest of care.

    • If you wish to pack certain items yourself, we can deliver boxes in advance.
    • We use suitable packaging materials for fragile items (crockery, vases, ornaments, etc.).
    • Furniture is protected with blankets or bubble wrap.
    • Drawing on our know-how, we can handle the most delicate items (antiquities, sculptures and pictures). Our dedicated service for works of art will provide you with a tailor-made service and made-to-measure crate solutions.
    • A detailed inventory of your personal belongings will be prepared ready for tracking.
  • Transport and destination services

    Your personal belongings will be shipped wherever you need them, by road, air or sea, as your circumstances require. Whatever the method of transport, your belongings will be packed to ensure they are fully protected.

    On arrival at your destination, you can choose to make use of some or all of our services:

    • Delivery of your personal belongings
    • Unpacking boxes
    • Reassembling furniture
    • Visit by a handyman to connect your electricity supply, plumb in your washing machine, etc.
  • Customs formalities

    Holding customs authorisations as an AR (approved receiver) and AS (approved shipper), we can carry out all customs formalities in our premises. We undertake customs clearances at all customs offices in Switzerland.

    • Formalities for import/export/transit operations.
    • Obtaining and drawing up the necessary documentation for customs clearances.
    • Drawing up and requesting various authorizations such as CITES.
    • Advising on customs legislation specific to moves, items from inheritances, works of art and exhibitions.
    • Bonded customs warehouse authorization (EDO), providing the option to indefinitely store merchandise that has not been cleared by customs on our premises.
    • Management of goods in bonded storage.

Secure furniture storage

For optimal storage of your personal belongings, we offer secure furniture storage at several facilities in Switzerland, where you can store your furniture and personal belongings on a long or short-stay basis. The same levels of security are in place at each location :

      • Fire and flooding detection.
      • Protection against unlawful entry.
      • Alarm system connected to a surveillance company.
      • 24-hour surveillance, 7 days a week.
      • Access to the premises is controlled and restricted to authorised personnel.

This service is intended both for individuals, and also for businesses wishing to store their office furniture.

Additional services

In addition to the services listed above, we are here to listen and cater to your every need, including ones you might not yet have thought of !

    • Assembly of bulky items of furniture
    • Importation of vehicles
    • Transportation of pianos
    • Transportation of animals
    • Transportation of arms
    • Transportation of wine (or other alcoholic beverages)

“Switzerland, your second home”

Relocation service

When you move to Switzerland, you may discover a culture and a way of life that are very different from your previous experience. To help you settle properly in your new home country, we provide personalized support based on the needs of you and your family.

Our services are aimed at both private individuals and human resources specialists.

Finding accommodation

Our network of real estate managers and companies gives you access to properties that suit your needs. We look after you every step of the way in your search for accommodation.

  • Temporary accommodation

An initial base to smooth the way for finding your future home

  • Permanent accommodation

Careful identification of the properties that could best meet your needs:

    • Request, negotiation and explanation of the rental agreement
    • Assistance with arranging the rental deposit and third-party liability and household insurance
    • Help with completing the inventory of fixtures document when taking formal possession of your residence
    • Coordinating the connection of services to your accommodation (telephone, internet, television, electricity and gas)
    • Monitoring the progress of work following completion of the inventory of fixtures document

Finding schools

To help your children settle in, we provide you with assistance in finding the best place for your child’s educational or childcare needs (nursery or kindergarten).

    • Choose between the public or private education system.
    • Accompanied visits to the selected schools.
    • Advice and follow-up on the application for enrolment, depending on the admission requirements

Our “à la carte” services

  • A “What will it be like” day
    • One of our consultants will meet you at the airport and act as your guide for exploring the area
    • A day to get to know your new surroundings, visiting different districts to identify the areas most suitable for you.
    • Insight into the real estate market with visits to a few properties that meet the desired criteria.
  • Help with settling in

    Depending on your individual and family circumstances, we offer personalised assistance to guide you through the steps you need to take to have your life running as smoothly as possible:

    • Opening bank accounts
    • Finding where to park
    • Renting furniture
    • Induction programme: cross-cultural training, enrolment in a sports club or language classes
    • Help with importing your personal belongings or registering your vehicle.
    • Help with immigration: handling applications for work permits, residency permits, etc.
    • Helpline

Additional services for HR

  • Departure services

    Departure also involves the completion of administrative procedures. To help you head off with full peace of mind, we can assist with the various administrative steps involved in your departure:

    • Termination of your rental agreement and service contracts (telephone, internet, television licence, etc.)
    • Pre-inventory of fixtures on departure
    • Arranging for the accommodation to be cleaned
    • Final inventory of fixtures on departure
    • Release of the rental deposit
    • Supervision of any works
    • In the case of early termination of the rental agreement, finding a new tenant, arranging visits to the accommodation and coordination with the real estate manager/owner for follow-up
  • Management of staff housing (furnished or unfurnished)

    if your company owns or rents apartments for its staff, we can provide the following services to help you to manage these apartments:

    • Administrative management: taking bookings, expenditure controls, checking and overseeing contracts
    • Managing arrivals and departures: coordination of keys, welcoming occupants, inventory of fixtures when taking formal possession and on departure
    • Coordinating maintenance: cleaning, repair work, replacing furniture
    • Coordinating maintenance: cleaning, repair work, replacing furniture
  • Immigration services

    We assist our customers (companies or private individuals) from start to finish, first gathering together the required documents, then completing the application form and forwarding it to the authorities (UE or Non-UE, AELE) with subsequent follow-up, and finally handling renewals and departures.

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