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Hanging and Installation of artworks in Switzerland


The hanging and installation of works of art are very delicate steps that require a proper analysis of the situation and special tools. Our fine art technicians have been trained in hanging and installing all types of works of art. Each job requires specific techniques and demands real know-how. Our teams will be able to adapt to the weight, size, and specific characteristics of each work, as well as to your requirements and wishes.


accrochage d'un tableau à un stand de foire d'art

Hanging works of art requires the close examination of several criteria: from the nature of the work to the substrate, and the environment of the venue. A technical visit may be undertaken for a specific hanging. Hanging a picture involves various stages, which obviously become more complex according to the size and weight of the work. Whether in a private home or an art gallery, the work will be carried out with the same attention to detail.

  • All types of works: pictures, plates, sculptures, chandeliers, neon art, etc.
  • Use of cables, eyelets, or buckles
  • Chemical anchoring technique for hanging very heavy pieces (bronze plaques, large-scale sculptures)
  • Picture-rail technique: useful in premises where works are often replaced
  • Hanging on battens

Our specialists work in pairs, or even three or four together if the number of works or their weight requires it. Sometimes, the location itself dictates that the team be expanded.

For further information read this article, in which one of our technicians explains the various steps and hanging techniques in greater detail.




We can take care of all fine art installations in Switzerland, whether private, in the context of an exhibition or fair, or for an art gallery or auction house.

        • Tailor-made tools for each operation
        • Installation on plinths
        • Patience and thoroughness from our technicians
Special handling operations


Caisse de transport pour œuvres d'art Montagne Sarcophage sculpture MUDAC BIT tapisserie


In some cases, large-scale measures must be taken. Difficult access? A work of several tens of square metres? Too heavy? Our logisticians and technicians have the experience and know-how for all circumstances. Over the years, projects like transporting a 2nd-century ad sarcophagus or installing works of art at high altitudes by helicopter have caused us to acquire experience in the subject.

        • Craning
        • Installation of wall hanging
        • Helicopter delivery

Furnishing residences

We manage the whole furnishing of your residence in collaboration with the architects and interior designers:

      • Co-ordinating the works alongside several tradespersons and specialists
      • Picture hanging
      • Installing chandeliers
      • Large-scale handling operations requiring use of a crane, hoist, or other special means


Your virtual hanging with Iazzu

Want to know if a piece fits in your space?

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We integrate the augmented reality application of the Swiss company iazzu to our catalog of services to offer a virtual hanging solution.

Install this app by scanning this QR code and take a test drive to discover works in your space.

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