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With a logistics platform based in Geneva (supported by branches in Basel and Lausanne), and a team of logisticians and experienced technicians, we accompany you within Switzerland and around the world, according to your projects.

A founder member of the ICEFAT ICEFAT association set up in 1977, we are committed to promoting the highest standards of quality in terms of fine art transport. This association is made up of more than 70 companies specialising in fine art transport in almost 40 countries. We work with partners in various parts of the world who also belong to this network in order to guarantee our customers the same level of quality whatever the country.

Transport & Logistics Expertise

Our team of logistics specialists provides you with a personalised service thanks to their sound knowledge in road, air, and sea transport as well as in the field of customs. This expertise will enable them to be flexible and propose solutions for you that are appropriate with respect to technical, quality, and budget considerations.

  • Fine Art Transport

    Road transport

    • Vehicles designed for transporting artworks offering air-conditioning and high-security systems. Confidentiality and discretion are likewise priorities.
    • Dedicated weekly shuttles of bundles of artworks between Switzerland, Paris, and London.
    • Road transport throughout Europe.

    Sea and air freight

    • Air transport throughout Europe.
    • Special packing, crates tailor-made by our own carpenters to ensure transport in complete safety.
    • Network of agents selected according to strict quality standards for carrying out all types of projects around the world.
  • Logistics expertise

    We transport works under the best conditions thanks to our staff, technicians, and logisticians trained and experienced in the field of fine art transport.

    • Listening to the customer and needs analysis.
    • ? Each logistician has in-depth knowledge of all the types of transport (sea, air, road) and all categories (museum/gallery, exhibition, auction house, architect, interior decorator, collector, private customer).
    • Personalised supervision of operations.

Tailor-made crates and packing

emballage corniere

Contact-free corner packing

  • Contact-free packing for works with a very fragile surface.
  • Suitable for transport by truck.
  • Tailor-made cardboard frame.
  • GND or Polyane film stretched over cords.

papier bulle fine art

Bubble wrap packing

  • Bubble wrap packing.
  • Suitable for transport by truck.
  • GND film over the work.

boite carton sur mesure ouvert

Tailor-made cardboard carton

  • Cardboard packing with foam inside.
  • Work previously wrapped in “GND” film and bubble wrap.
  • Suitable for road and air transport.
  • For air transport an appropriate crate is required.
  • Suitable for light works and objects (paintings, ceramics…).

transport d'œuvres d'art demenagement geneve caisse ceinture

Girdle case

  • Most widely used case, meeting the requirements for road and sea transport.
  • Constructed using 4 planks of 18 mm solid timber around the sides and 2 planks of 10 mm poplar on the front and bottom.
  • The interior of the case can be fitted out to suit the requirements of the work with foam or cardboard.
  • Ideally suited for medium-sized works such as mirrors, crockery, pictures, and small-scale sculptures.

caisse carton fine art Harsch

Cardboard case

  • Composed of the same structure as the girdle case.
  • The 2 timber panels (front + bottom) are replaced by sheets of cardboard.
  • Lighter and cheaper than the girdle case.
  • Suitable for road transport and warehousing.
  • Can also be used as an internal container within an aircraft or museum crate (double crate).

Airline crate

  • Designed for air freight, and offering optimum protection for works during airport handling operations.
  • Reinforcements in solid timber and crossed 16 mm thick pine arranged in the corners, front, and bottom of the crate.
  • The interior of the crate can be fitted out according to the nature of the work.
  • As an option: double crate, shock and overturn indicators, painting, thermal insulation, humidity-control cassette.

Sculpture crate

  • Specially-designed crate for bulky or/and heavy works or objects.
  • 10 cm high feet for handling using pallet trucks.
  • Due to its 16 mm solid timber reinforcements located on the sides and faces, this crate can travel by truck, plane, or ship.
  • Interior can be fitted out according to the nature of the work with different types of foam for appropriate steadying.
  • As an option: double crate, shock and overturn indicators, painting, thermal insulation, humidity-control cassette.

Exhibition crate

  • Specially designed for fragile or high-value works.
  • Interior fully padded with foam to absorb all shocks and vibration.
  • Thermal insulation eliminating the temperature differences that might occur during transport.
  • External structure in 18 mm solid timber, with reinforcements located on the sides and faces ensuring optimum security for transport by truck, plane, or ship.
  • As an option: double crate, shock and overturn indicators, painting, humidity-control cassette.

Supplementary services

    • Presentation rooms available for examining and presenting your works with complete discretion.
    • Arranging services in relation to your works: photographs, restoration, and analyses by specialist laboratories.
    • Insurance: all our premises are certified, and we can arrange to have storage and transport covered through our own insurer.

“Art in good hands”

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