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Since 1957, we help people move across Switzerland. Our teams located in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich will know how to accompany you through this important step of your life. A move, even close to where you used to live, can cause emotional disturbance. To facilitate your move’s organization and lessen the stress linked to this change, we offer you a broad range of services.

All moving services


Harsch provides you with a team that will implement everything they can to offer you the personalized service you are in right to expect from a moving company like ours. Our skills and expertise will guarantee you quality, discretion, security and confidentiality.

Meticulous packing, tips and administrative procedures are only a few of our services. One of our coordinators will be entrusted with the move’s management and will plan with you the whole process of your move: intervention dates, duration of the move and various administrative matters.

Conduct and quote of a Swiss move


The rates of movers in Switzerland are as various as the needs of the people who are moving. We are at the service of those who desire receiving a certain attention and who don’t want any improvisation concerning their project. This is the reason why our collaborators are attentive to your individual situation and to answer your need with the most suitable means. If you desire a quick estimate of your move, contact one of our specialists as of now. However, know that it is during the technical visit that our advisor will be able to analyse your situation and propose an offer adjusted to your budget and your expectations.

  • Meticulous packing

    To prepare the move of your personal belongings, our packers will come to your home equipped with specific material. You can trust our qualified personnel who profits from continuous training and long years of expertise.

    All your belongings will be packed and wrapped with meticulous care:

    • We can deliver cardboard boxes to you prior to the move if you wish to pack certain belongings yourself.
    • We use specific packing material for fragile objects (vases, dishes, trinkets, etc.).
    • Your furniture is protected by blankets or bubble wrap.
    • Our expertise allows us to take charge of delicate pieces (antiquities, sculptures, paintings). Our service dedicated to artworks can offer you an adjusted service and tailor-made crates solutions.
    • A precise inventory of your personal belongings will be made to ensure their tracking.


Harsch is also storage


Along with your move, take a look at our Furniture Storage service


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