How and when to change address after a move?

As a general rule, you should change your address no later than 2 weeks after the move with the help of a removal specialist. Changing your address in advance ensures, for example, that your Internet and TV cable is installed in time at your new address. You are also sure that your insurance will cover the new house and that your current car insurance policy is transferred. In addition, you can make sure that you receive all important documents sent to you by mail.

Although it is very important to make certain changes of address before you move, it is not necessary to hurry for everyone. For example, some organisations, such as your library, pharmacist or polling station, can be notified after you have comfortably unpacked your boxes, with the help of professional movers.

Steps to change your address

Forward your mail: you can do this in advance and choose the day on which you want the transfer to start. You can do this free of charge by visiting your local post office, or online by paying 1 euro as verification of identity by credit card. This only applies to first class mail, but it is quite easy to add extra options for catalogues and more. If you contact a removal service to move with your family, make sure you check the ‘family’ option and not just the ‘individual’ mail transfer.

Update your banking information, credit cards and driver’s license. Your driver’s license is supposed to be changed within a certain period of time after your move. If you stay in the same state, you can get a free address update card that you can take with your current licence. If you are out of state, you will need to get a new licence. While you’re there, change your vehicle registration.

As you receive mail, update your address. This could be friends and relatives who didn’t realize you moved with a moving company, organizations you belong to, etc.

If you are staying with the same health care providers, update your address with them. Otherwise, you can always update your address in case they need to contact you for any reason.

Make your life easier when moving to Switzerland

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