How big should the truck be for my move?

Sometimes, people who wish to carry out a removal choose a truck that is too small, which is not suitable for all their personal belongings. This can lead to a total lack of efficiency and stress. Being without enough space to move your belongings could certainly happen. So another plan must then be devised to complete the task.

In a similar way to the installation of flooring, it always makes more sense to hire a truck that is larger than what is needed and then what the measurements seem to show. Moreover, this is always the principle of professional movers. In addition, a house that has a lot of furniture will need to be larger than recommended for a certain number of rooms or square feet.

A 12 m3 truck for a studio

The size of the truck depends on the materials to be moved. If you wish to move a studio, you will need a 12 m3 truck. But to make sure you are not mistaken, many removal companies provide an online tool that will help you determine the size of truck to buy for the move. These online truck size estimators help every family to know what’s right for them, listing just about everything that’s typically found in the average home, with check boxes for each room such as dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and office. It is also a good idea to talk to a removal specialist. He or she will be able to advise you on the ideal truck size.

A 20 m3 truck for a T3

A 20 m3 truck is ideal for a T3. Rooms that have extra furniture, for example living rooms that have composable sofas and a recliner, will need extra space, but if you want to move a volume of more than 80 m3, it is best to go for a truck. On average, these trucks offer the best fuel consumption. In any case, don’t forget to contact the professional transporters beforehand so that they can help you prepare for the big day. Also, when estimating measurements, don’t forget to take into account items and furniture in the yard, such as toys, bicycles and cooking grills.

Contact an expert for moving to Switzerland

One of the best options to make your move in Switzerland a success is to rely on a professional in the field. Not only does the removal company offer you the best truck adapted to the volume of your furniture, but they will also help you with all the preparation, aiming to offer you the best service. They will help you to get better organised during a personal, family or business move. As far as the price is concerned, don’t worry. Contrary to what many people think, the price is affordable and within everyone’s reach. So why not use the service of professional movers in Switzerland to make your life easier when you move?