How do you clean your new flat after a move?

There is no better way to start your life in a new house than to clean your flat like a pro before you move in. This is a crucial step, because you never know how clean your new place really is. However, if you’re on a rather tight schedule, you can always hire cleaning experts to manage this task while you plan other parts of your moving process. If you decide to manage cleaning yourself when you move, you’ll find it useful to learn the best ways to clean when you move in.

Start at the top

When you move into a new home with the help of a Suisse removal service, you should not neglect the importance of cleaning. This step is crucial in preparing the flat for your family and ensuring that you move into a healthy, clean and fresh environment. So how clean should your new home be? In other words, the cleaner, the better. If you are renting a flat, your landlord is legally obliged to manage certain improvements and cleaning tasks, but you still have to do some cleaning yourself to make sure your space is spotless.

To make it easier, start by cleaning from the top. Cleaning from top to bottom is the most effective way to deal with dust. Make sure that everything is perfect, after the professional transporters have transported everything. That way, you won’t have to come back to clean areas, but simply lower ceiling fans and lighting fixtures down to the floors.

Clean thoroughly

Afterwards, clean the cupboards and wardrobes thoroughly. People rarely look inside their cupboards and wardrobes. Yet it’s a must-have task on professional cleaning checklists for a reason. Indeed, in addition to the removal specialist, you can also contact a professional cleaner.

Disinfect the bathroom. As this area requires thorough cleaning, don’t skip anything. Be as meticulous as possible when treating each area. You must also replace the toilet seat.

Tackle the appliances. Kitchen appliances also require special attention when cleaning, so be sure to clean them thoroughly. The refrigerator, sink, oven and microwave should be disinfected, but make sure you use a product that won’t damage the finish. Make sure that all products transported by a removal company are clean.

Contact movers in Switzerland

Indeed, contacting a professional in the field is essential when moving house. This will make the task easier and allow you to concentrate on cleaning your belongings. What’s more, these transporters in Switzerland offer you a wide range of services such as packing, unpacking or transporting goods during a local or international move. They are at the service of professionals and private individuals and guarantee an impeccable service at all times.

The price offered by these professional movers is affordable and within everyone’s reach. In short, this service is what you need to complete your move.