How do you get your cat used to it after a move?

For one reason or another, have you decided to embark on a move? In any case, to make it easier for you and to avoid fatigue, consider contacting a removal company in French-speaking Switzerland. However, if you’re moving with a cat, you’re probably wondering how to get him/her used to his/her new home. Well! Here are a few tips to make everything normal after the move, with the help of professional transporters.

Introduce him to the new rooms

Slowly introduce the new rooms to your cat, while doing discreet activities such as reading or watching TV. When she begins to explore, offer your cat attention and perhaps a few extra treats during play to make her feel loved and comfortable in your new home. However, when professional movers are moving, try to keep them away from the process to avoid stress.

Alternatively, you can also opt for pheromone therapy to de-stress the cat. There are many ways to administer soothing pheromones to your cat. Pheromone dispensers, sprays and wipes can all help your cat manage the anxiety to move. Cats seem to respond better to pheromone based calming collars. Other products are certainly helpful, but a pheromone collar is always with your cat, so it is naturally more effective.

Maintain your daily routine

While you are preparing for the move with a moving specialist, you will probably be very busy shopping, cleaning things and packing boxes. Throughout your transition to your new home, it is important to try to maintain some consistency in your cat’s daily routine in terms of feeding, playing and attention.

Keep your cat confined to a safe room in your new home that is quiet and less chaotic. Make sure you provide food, water, a bed and litter box in this confined space. To prevent your cat from accidentally running out the door while you are sleeping or while you are away from home, record a soft song and let your cat listen to it. This will calm her down. You can also ask a removal company for advice. With their experience, they will surely help you.

Facilitating your move Switzerland

Moving is always a difficult and complex task. You will be confronted with many situations that you will have to deal with. But for everything to go smoothly, the best thing to do is to call on a removal company in Switzerland. The latter offers you a wide range of services to help you move in the best possible conditions.

The prices are affordable and the quality of service is optimal. The teams of these removal professionals are serious and professional, whether in the handling, transport or even packing of goods. This, so that you can have a great experience during the day.