How far in advance is it necessary to organise a move?

Whether a few kilometers away or in another country, moving to Switzerland is always difficult. It is a difficult, expensive, overwhelming and stressful act. However, if you have a good relocation strategy and plenty of time to plan your relocation tactics, your move can be quite smooth and successful. But how do you plan a move? Where do you start? And when? Here’s the optimal time to plan a move, so that you can ensure a happy ending to your relocation adventure and keep stress at bay throughout the moving process with the help of professional movers of course.

Between 1 to 6 months for a local move

Theory and practice prove that it is best to start planning your move as early as possible, preferably from the moment you decide to take the big step and move elsewhere. However, depending on a number of case-specific factors, your relocation planning may take between 1 and 6 months. This depends on the size of the goods to be moved by a removal specialist. The larger your household is, the longer it will take to prepare everything, so you should start planning your relocation at least 6 months in advance. If it’s just you or your partner, on the other hand, there will be fewer items to move and it won’t take long to get packed and organized, so you can start planning your relocation several weeks before your planned moving day. If you are moving during the peak season (May to September), it is advisable to start planning your relocation 3 to 4 months in advance, as the moving service is in high demand during this busy period.

8 months for an international move

The further away you move, the more careful your relocation planning will be, and the sooner you should start developing your moving strategy. Planning a move across the country will take much more time and deliberation than planning a move across town, of course. There are many more things to consider, the paperwork to deal with, the logistics to coordinate and the tasks to be done when moving long distances than when moving locally. Longer moves are quite complicated and should therefore be planned at least 8 months in advance of the actual moving date. The complexity of the work, however, must also be taken into account. If you are moving specialized items, plan for obstacles at pick-up or delivery points. If you are moving specialized items, plan for obstacles at pick-up or delivery points, and contact a moving company to make your job easier.

Entrust your move in Switzerland to an expert

Whether it is for a local move or an international move in Switzerland, it is always important to contact a professional to help and accompany you throughout the process. This will help you to make things easier, whether you are looking for moving boxes, packing, transporting or unpacking. What’s more? The fact that these experts guarantee the safety and protection of your belongings. As far as price is concerned, generally speaking, the cost of the services of professional removal companies is affordable.