How many boxes do I need for a move?

Whether you are moving yourself or with the help of a removal company, it’s something to be prepared for! And when you say move, you say cardboard! Indeed, on the day of the move, in order to facilitate transport, all our belongings must be packed in moving boxes. But how much do we really need? Find out how much cardboard we really need for our move

However, before trying to give you some advice on how to find out how much cardboard we really need for our move, it is worth noting that by using a professional removal company in Switzerland, you won’t have to bother too much. He or she will help you with this task and will take care of everything.

Small or large family? Which lifestyle?

Although using a removals service is the best way to evaluate the number of boxes during our move, we can still try to define it according to our needs. Generally, the number of boxes is determined by the number of people in a family and their lifestyle. In fact, a family of four has more personal items than one person. Usually, adults need 20 boxes and children need 10 boxes. To find out the total number of boxes needed, simply multiply the number of adults x 20 and the number of children x 10 and add two results. The approximate estimate of the boxes will also depend on our lifestyle: minimalist, professional or are we somewhere in between.

Call an expert for a precise number

Precise calculations by experts or removal specialists are the most reliable methods. Moving experts can accurately determine at a glance the number of moving boxes required for each storage room, each piece of furniture and each room. Moreover, thanks to technical access, you can have a firm and reliable estimate. However, if you are moving with a professional, it is necessary to have a reliable estimate of the number of moving boxes when drawing up an estimate. Indeed, the number of boxes will change the volume of the move (10 standard boxes = 1 m3, 10 boxes = 0.5 m3), and thus the price of the estimate established. If on the day D, it seems that we have more boxes than expected, the remover may charge us significant additional costs, especially since the volume is such that all your belongings do not fit into the truck initially planned. By benefiting from the services of a professional removal company, the problem of boxes is solved. In most of the packages offered by removal companies, boxes are included in the offer. It is up to us to choose between the provision of the boxes (packaging management) or the complete option that leaves the packing to the experts.

A removal company in French-speaking Switzerland for careful packing!

For secure packaging, turn to professionals such as the removal company in Switzerland. Indeed, it offers professional packing services and takes care of the most fragile items. It also offers customised crate solutions. What’s more, if you want to pack your belongings yourself, this removal company in Switzerland will be able to deliver the boxes to you.