How much does a move cost?

Making the decision to move can be an exciting one, whether you are moving to the city or across the country. And there’s a question almost everyone who thinks about moving asks: How much will a move in Switzerland cost? There are all sorts of moving costs to keep in mind, including the cost of living, the balance between two mortgages (or a mortgage and rent) during the transition, and the cost of actually getting all your belongings from point A to point B. Here’s some information on average moving costs, established by a moving service to help you understand all this.

Is your move long distance or local?

It’s pretty obvious that a local move will be cheaper than a long-distance trip. But no matter how far you travel, calculating your transportation costs in advance will prevent any last-minute surprises from hitting your wallet.

If you’re travelling long distances, it may initially make more sense to hire a professional. Fuel, handling services and travel expenses (e.g. rental insurance, hotel stays, food) should be taken into account. You can expect to spend around €800 for this, but it all depends on the distance and the services you have requested from the professional movers.

Do you have any special considerations for your move?

Movers usually charge extra for handling specialist items such as pianos or pool tables. If you have some of these items, make a note of them with moving professionals and ask for a quote in advance. You should also check that they have a specialized team to move them: just because a company may have four movers doesn’t mean that your fragile grand piano is going down the stairs.

Another special element to consider? Pets. If you are moving with a cat or dog, it is highly recommended that you keep them away from the moving day process to reduce stress. You should either put them in a boarding kennel (24?€ per night) or leave them with a trusted friend (free?!). You are free to choose the option that suits you, but always inform the removal specialist of your decision.

Using the services of a Swiss removal professional

To make the move easier, while avoiding stress and fatigue, you can contact a professional, such as a removal company in Switzerland. Because needs vary from one person to another, the services offered are varied. Whether you are moving internationally, moving within Switzerland, or moving offices, the services of a professional in this field will not disappoint you. You can even ask them to store your belongings in a furniture repository.

What’s more, by relying on their experience and competence, the security of your belongings is guaranteed. As far as price is concerned, it depends on the service you ask your removal company for, but in general, the price is affordable and very competitive.