How to calculate the volume of a move?

Calculating the overall volume of furniture to be moved is the basis of any successful move. This moving volume will help you find the ideal size moving van and determine the budget you will need to move as cheaply as possible and without unpleasant surprises.

But now, it’s not easy to estimate the volume of everything that has accumulated over the years in your flat. If you stray too far from reality, you may end up with half your stuff on the pavement on the day. However, if you’re in Switzerland, the removal company in Switzerland might be able to help you with these tasks.

Calculating the volume of the move per item

In addition to the service offered by professional movers, you can always calculate the volume of the furniture mathematically using the formula length x width x height. However, this tedious method is only worthwhile if you only have a few items to move or if you want to make an initial assessment, taking into account, for example, only the largest pieces of furniture. Moreover, the result will not provide the actual space required in a moving truck and will not take into account the size of the security.

It is a question of determining the volume of the truck required for transport and/or the size of the container to be rented from professional transporters. Calculations are therefore based on the total volume of all boxes. Please note that the standard box has a volume of 60 L. The book carton has a capacity of 30 L and the volume of the wardrobe carton is 250 L. To calculate the total volume, add the volume of all boxes.

Calculating the volume of a move by type of dwelling

For a first estimate, without going through the removal professionals, simply divide the surface area of your home by two. As an example, a 60 m² dwelling will generate a volume of approximately 30 m3. So you can more or less know the size of the truck you need.

Note that 10 standard size boxes (50 x 40 x 35 cm) correspond to approximately 1 m3 and 10 “book” boxes (35 x 28 x 30 cm) correspond to approximately 0.5 m3. On average, count about 20 boxes per adult and about 10 boxes per child.

Estimation of volume by a professional removal company in Switzerland

If you require a quote for professional removals, don’t hesitate to contact the removal company in French-speaking Switzerland. Professionals will take care of your request, make an appointment with you and evaluate by themselves the quantities that will be transferred to your home. Don’t forget that the prices of their services do not depend solely on the volume to be moved, but remain affordable.

The removal company in Switzerland will take into account the specificities of the accommodation. The removal specialist will then check the number of floors the stairs will go to, the distance to the car park and the weight of the items. The estimate will not be the same for a family with basic furniture and families with fragile items that are difficult to transport.