How to pack for a move?

Whether you want to make a move about 16 km away or an international move within Switzerland, everyone has to pack up their current residence at some point. Packing is not a skill that is practised regularly. There are packing tips and tricks that can save you real money. Explore these best tips when you’re ready to start in a new location. They will make the process easier.

Start with unused items

Think of items that come to sit in drawers or cupboards. These are perfect places to start with your initial packaging. Of course, to make packing easier and quicker, you can get help from a removal specialist. You won’t need these items right away, so you can start packing with these items. Take out old trinkets and personal souvenirs, for example. Store them in a corner of the house. One of the most neglected packing tips is for your shoes. Although the space inside them is limited, it’s a considerable amount when you have several pairs. Fill these shoes with small knick-knacks, underwear and other small items. They will be safe from damage without taking up too much space in the truck of professional transporters. Also, take out a backpack or duffel bag. Fill it with essential prescriptions, moving paperwork and other important items. Learning how to pack for a move encourages the use of every available space.

Be aware of the maximum weight on the boxes

Learn how to pack for a move while being aware of the limitations of the box. A large box may have a high weight limit, but it cannot hold your entire library of books. They will fill up more quickly while still respecting the weight limits. It will also make it easier for professional movers during transport. Reserve large boxes for items of varying weight. Do not place heavy or sharp items in the bags. Plastic may be strong, but will tear under these conditions. Remember to label at least two sides. They will be stacked and arranged in different ways; you never know what the label will face. Knowing how to pack for a move involves easy ways of recognising which boxes should go into which room after being transported by professional movers. Detail the name of the room and if necessary the first day of the move with a star or asterisk.

Contact a Removal Company in Switzerland

Now that you’ve packed all your belongings and are ready for the move to Switzerland, what do you do? The best option will be to contact a professional in the field. They will help you with the transport, loading and assembly of your belongings, whether it is for a personal move or a professional move. The quality of service provided by a removal company is impeccable and the price offered is affordable.