How to properly prepare your move?

Preparing for a move in Switzerland may seem like an overwhelming chore, but if you approach it in a targeted and organised way, it can be much easier than you think. You may not like the idea of moving, but if you take these tips on board, you will see how, with proper planning and organisation, you might even enjoy the process. After all, the door to your new home is waiting to be opened and that’s cause for celebration.

Draw up a schedule

The reason people are stressed at the idea of moving is because they leave everything until the last minute and then there is a mad rush to pack everything up. Start at least a month before moving day and make a schedule to list all the tasks to be done, including contacting a removal service. By ticking off the tasks completed week by week, you’ll feel in control and on top of your packing before the truck arrives. Follow this 9 week checklist for a smooth relocation. Money is also a common stress factor during the move, so make a list of all the costs involved in the move to ensure you have enough money. Include items such as the cost of professional movers, packing boxes and tape, utility connection fees, etc. If you have a cat or dog, will you have to house them in a kennel or cattery during the move? Add this cost to your moving budget.

Sort the belongings

You can eliminate two stressors, lack of money and too many things, by sorting your belongings and de-cluttering your home before you start packing. Reducing the amount of stuff you have when you prepare to move will make it easier to pack, and the less you have, the less it will cost to move it with the help of professional transporters.Deciding what to keep and what to throw out is much easier if you apply rules to the process and make two piles “keep” and “don’t keep”. For example, to keep it, you must have worn it or used it once in the last year. A pile of tops you have worn once in the last five years will go in the “don’t keep” pile, as will a hand cake mixer from your sister that you have never used. Afterwards, you will need to create a list of everything you need to contact to notify of your change of address. This will help you get better organized.

Contact movers in Switzerland

Yes?! When moving house in Switzerland, it is best to contact a removal company to avoid fatigue and stress. These experts will accompany you during the big day and even during the preparation. You can have peace of mind both on the transport and on the security of your belongings. And best of all, the price offered by a removal company is affordable. In a nutshell, calling on these experts will help you make the most of your move.