Is it necessary to take out insurance for a move?

Most people do not think it is necessary to take out insurance when moving in Switzerland, as they have the impression that removal companies automatically cover damaged or destroyed goods during the move and in transit. However, the fact is that removal companies do not offer removal insurance; they only provide an “evaluation”, which is not the same thing as removal insurance. It is therefore better to take out removal insurance.

Insurance to ensure the security of your belongings

Many professional movers offer insurance policies through one of their affiliates. Just make sure you take your time to understand the policy, including the amount of your premium and the deductible if you need to file a claim. But also be aware that some professionals already offer protection if your belongings are damaged or broken.

Depending on the property you own and the state or city in which you live and move, moving costs vary considerably. You should make a large list of all the things you are moving and estimates of what it would cost to replace them. So, if you say your belongings are worth €24,000 and you are moving across the country, you could pay between a few hundred euros and over €1,000 for full insurance cover where professional transporters do all the loading, transporting and uploading.

What protection do removal companies offer?

All interstate movers must offer two different liability options: full value protection and paid-up value protection. And most movers also offer both options for intra-state moves.

Full value protection is a plan in which the moving specialist is responsible for the replacement value of your cargo in your shipment if it is lost, destroyed or damaged while in custody. You will pay an additional charge for this protection.

Released Value Protection is provided at no additional charge beyond the moving costs. But it only gives you a portion of the value, such as no more than 60 cents per pound, per item. That’s not much when you’re talking about something that costs a lot but doesn’t weigh much. The choice depends largely on your needs and the quantity of furniture you wish to have transported by a removal company.

Making moving in Switzerland easier with a professional

To ensure that everything goes absolutely as you wish, contacting a removal company in Switzerland is surely the best option. Not only are your belongings protected, but they also take care of everything to make your life easier. However, just choose the offer or formula that suits you best, depending on the size of the items to be moved. You can use the service of this expert when moving locally or internationally. The removal company will be at your disposal to make your move easier.