When should I cancel my water contract if I move house?

Not sure how to cancel your old bills when you leave your old house and move to the new one? Here are the details on how to make the transition as smooth as possible. Moving means moving all your utility bills to your new address. In some cases, it may make sense to stay with the same utility provider when you move. But moving into a new flat or house is also the ideal trigger to research and move to a more competitive deal, especially for energy and broadband.

Two weeks before the move

Two weeks before the removal service moves your furniture, you will need to contact the service to advise them of your move. However, make sure that the water is turned off just before you move, otherwise you risk ending up in a house without water, which you probably don’t want to have.

You can contact your water supplier by e-mail or telephone. In any case, give them all the details they need, so that you don’t have to pay the next bill.

Stopping water bills

Contact your water supplier and let them know that you are about to move. You can find details on how to do this on your water company’s website, when you move with professional movers in Switzerland. If you have a water meter, you will need to give your water company a meter reading on the day of your departure and a shipping address for your final bill.

Consider a water meter. Although you can’t change water companies when you arrive at your new home, as you can with energy companies, you may be able to save money by installing a water meter. With a water meter, you are only charged for the amount of water you use.

As a general rule, when moving with moving professionals, you should be able to save money if your property has more rooms than the people who live there. But it should also be remembered that once you’ve switched to a water meter, the property cannot go back.

Making moving to Switzerland easier with a professional

Contacting a removal company is the best option for moving with ease, without stress or fatigue. In fact, during a Swiss move, the professional will take care of everything. They will take care of packing, transporting and unpacking the goods. But of course, it all depends on the offer you choose.

In any case, this expert offers you several services such as international removals, local removals or office removals. Furniture storage facilities are also available to store your furniture. By showing seriousness and professionalism, the services offered by these professional transporters are essential. As far as prices are concerned, they are very affordable.