When to cancel your electricity contract if you move?

Are you moving? Consider terminating your electricity contract. Whether you are moving to a new house or starting to rent, there are certain steps you need to take. This is why some people use a professional company such as the Suisse removal company.

Not only do these companies make it easier for you to pack or transport your belongings and relieve you of any stress during a move, but they can also assist you and help you with all the administrative formalities. In addition, using the services of a professional mover gives you more free time to deal with other tasks related to your move, such as cancelling your electricity contract. But when should you terminate your electricity contract if you are planning to move?

As soon as possible: avoid surprises!

In addition to concerns about the choice of moving service, it is necessary to terminate the electricity contract of the home you are leaving. Otherwise, you risk paying for the electricity for that house, even after you leave it. If the new tenant does not sign the contract on his or her behalf with the same or another electricity supplier, the supplier will continue to debit your account for the new tenant’s consumption. If the dwelling is not occupied after you, you must also give notice, otherwise you will continue to pay the part of the bill that does not depend on your consumption. In short, don’t leave the electricity and/or gas contract unterminated and take the necessary steps. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises. Every year, customers complain that they still receive energy bills for their old house. However, you should cancel your electricity contract every time you use the services of the removal companies. You cannot transfer your contract to a new home. If you do not cancel the contract, you will still be billed after you leave. It is advisable to cancel the electricity contract one or two weeks before you move to avoid any inconvenience. To cancel your contract, you will need to fill in certain information such as your number, the last meter reading, the exact date of your departure and the address of your new accommodation.

Cancelling a contract: taking out a new contract

The procedure for terminating the electricity contract must be initiated at least 15 days before the start or end date of the inventory. This will guarantee you access to electricity and/or gas after you move into your new home. In this way, you also avoid the risk of having to pay for the energy consumed by the new occupant of the old address you left.

Let the removal company take care of it

However, it is possible to let the removal company take care of the administrative details during our move. In Switzerland, the removal company in Suisse provides you with a team that will do its utmost to offer you the personalised service you expect from a removal company. Their skills and know-how will be at your disposal to guarantee quality, discretion, security and confidentiality. The management of the move will be entrusted to one of their coordinators, who will plan the entire moving process with you: the date of the move, the duration of the move, as well as various administrative issues.