When to unplug and replug the fridge during a move?

Refrigerators can be difficult to move, except with the help of Swiss movers. The internal components are very sensitive when they are moved and could cause a problem if they are not moved correctly. Depending on how your refrigerator is moved, you will need to determine how long after the move you will have to wait to plug it in.

If you are moving it in an upright position

You can unplug the fridge 2 hours before having it transported by professional movers. You can plug in your fridge immediately if the fridge has been moved in an upright position. If your fridge has been placed on its side during transport, you are supposed to wait the same time as it was lying on its side. If it has been on its side for 30 minutes during transport, wait 30 minutes once it has been upright. If he has been on his side for more than a day, you should wait 24 hours.

If you move it to its side

You are not supposed to move a refrigerator to the side. If you do, you can ruin the internal mechanisms and potentially break the fridge. When a refrigerator is placed on its side, compressor oil flows from the compressor tube to the coolant lines. After the removal specialist has moved a refrigerator to the side, it should sit upright for the same period of time as it was on its side. This allows any oil that may have leaked into the coolant lines to have sufficient time to return to the compressor and clean the coolant lines.

If the moving company has no choice but to move it to the side, for one reason or another,it should be placed on the opposite side from where the lines exit the compressor. For example, if the compressor line comes out of the compressor on the right side of the unit, place the refrigerator on its left side. The best thing to do is not to put the refrigerator on its side at all. Although moving a refrigerator to the side does not mean that it will break 100%, there is simply no sense in risking luck if you are able to move it vertically.

Contact a Swiss removals expert

Whether it’s for an international move in Switzerland or a local move, it is always important to use professional transporters to ensure the safety of your fridge. Indeed, as professionals in the field, the experts can easily transport your fridge. In addition, they can also take care of packing, transporting and unpacking, whether you are a private individual or a professional who wants to move his or her office.

The quality of service offered by a removal company is top-notch. The teams demonstrate professionalism, punctuality and seriousness. And best of all, the price is affordable.