Who and when to notify in the event of a move?

Knowing who to notify when you move to Switzerland is essential for a smooth transition. We know, we know, calling your electricity company is probably the last thing you think about when you’re throwing your life’s belongings into boxes and moving from point A to point B. But trust us, if you let these notifications slip, there are consequences! So to save you the stress of packing, moving and the paperwork, here’s a list of all the people and entities you’ll need to notify when you move. Be sure to go through this list at least a week before you move to make sure you don’t miss anyone important!

Families and loved ones

Are you moving soon? You’ve probably had to plan this big day with the help of a removal specialist. Good for you! However, you’re probably wondering who you should tell about your move. It’s more than necessary to warn the people who are close by and who visit you often, so as not to shock or upset them. So, at least one week before you move, remember to notify your family (your parents and siblings), your in-laws (if you are married, of course), your friends, your colleagues and your entourage. Don’t forget those who are used to visiting you regularly. On the big day, when the professional transporters make their last trip, you can leave your new address with your neighbours so that they can give it to those who visit you in your old place, the people you forgot to tell.

Entities and organisations

In addition to families and relatives, you will also need to notify certain entities and organisations of your move. To do this, you will need to notify your employee, the various companies you have registered with, the bank, the water and electricity supplier, the shopping sites and all those who regularly send you mail. If you have children, don’t forget to tell the school that you will be changing your address one week after booking the removal service. As far as timing is concerned, it depends on the company. However, the best thing to do is to let them know at the latest one week before the move so that they have time to settle everything in time.

Facilitating the move with a removal company in Switzerland

Since carrying out a removal in Switzerland in complete ease and peace of mind is the wish of every person, most prefer to contact a removal company. Indeed, this is the best option for a successful move, without getting tired. The services offered are multiple. Whether you wish to opt for an international move, a local move or an office move, you will be able to have the service you have always dreamed of. And the price? Don’t panic! The prices offered by a removal company are reliable, affordable and within everyone’s reach.