Harsch acquires Transmay and expands further in the canton of Vaud

posted on May

Seven years after the acquisition of Transdem, Harsch, The Art of Moving Forward is proud to announce the acquisition of a new company based in Carrouge in the canton of Vaud.


Transmay Llc has been managed by Mr. Sylvain Maye since 1992. The company is specialized in the transport of musical instruments. At the same time, the company JBC bureautique, which has trusted him for many years, has allowed him to expand his skills in the transportation of machines. Within the framework of his forthcoming retirement, Mr. Maye has decided to entrust his company to our company.

les collaborateurs de Transmay chez Harsch
M.Maye, M.Bonny, M.Koegler, Mme Harsch


In the meantime, he will join our teams with his 2 collaborators, Mr. Koegler and Mr. Bonny, to guarantee the transfer of customers and know-how to his activities. The current structure of the warehouse of about 600 m2 in Carrouge in the industrial zone of Ecorcheboeuf will be kept and progressively integrated into our Lausanne branch.

Our company has been present in the canton of Vaud since 1989. After the acquisition of Transdem SA in September 2016, then of CEVEY and BOVY SA in 2018, the acquisition of TRANSMAY Sàrl is the 5th acquisition that Harsch manages to realize under the leadership of Isabelle Harsch.

« Transmay has values in common with our company, such as the family dimension and the attention paid to the staff. There is also a clear link between our services. The transportation of musical instruments and works of art both require specific know-how and special care for the objects entrusted to us. I am happy to be able to make our company shine even more in the Vaud region. »

Isabelle Harsch.


transmay et harsch les fourgons

Transmay Llc

Transmay is a company created in Carrouge, Vaud in 1992 by Sylvain Maye. It is specialized in moving musical instruments and machines. It has 2 movers, and rents a warehouse of about 600 m2 in Carrouge in the industrial zone of Ecorcheboeuf.