“Save precious time and money by outsourcing your archiving to us. You focus on business, while we expertly handle the archiving.”

Archives management


As part of our specialised document archiving service our professional staff helps you to manage your archives. More than a simple storage facility, we offer you a large range of records management solutions. A solid document strategy is a hallmark of efficiency and legal compliance within your organisation:


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Online management tool

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Updating stock

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Ad hoc Digitisation

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Sorting and clearing out

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Annual destructions


Based around your needs, we offer personalised bundles that only include services that are useful to you. When we make a transfer of archives towards our facilities, we follow the procedure below:

Handling your archives

Our team comes to take care of your archives at their storage location and carries out all or part of the service: labelling, drawing up an inventory, packing and scanning barcodes. Your archives are then loaded on to our vehicles to be transferred towards our storage facilities.


Harsch boxes are the largest on the market: 56 x 35 x 32 cm. With a content volume 20% bigger than other archiving service providers, they allow you to store up to 5 archiving holders or 7 lever-arch files, without lost space. This allows you to optimise your monthly storage costs.


Our archivists can sort the archives to be destroyed or retained at the point of starting the service, which guarantees an immediate adjustment of storage costs. We then classify the archives by department and document date in order to streamline future viewings and/or destructions.

Computerized tracking

Each archiving unit is allocated a unique barcode that allows us to quickly retrieve them in our depots and to record their movements in our database. The inventory can, based on your preferences, be managed by yourself or by our team of archivists.

We go even further...

Harsch also offers EDM/ECM

In addition to the archives management, we also offer EDM/ECM



Harsch also offers Confidential destruction

In addition to the archives management, we also offer confidential destruction

Confidential destruction


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