“Manage your documents better – Digitize”


No matter what your digitisation project is, we provide you with a team of dedicated professionals and 20 years of archiving experience. Consultancy, optimisation and efficiency: we approach each project with the same goal of achieving high-quality results.

Digitalising a pre-existing store

Do you need to digitalise a pre-existing paper archive store? Our team takes care of everything:

  • Project study
  • Establishing a budget and timetable
  • Collecting documents
  • Preparation, digitisation and indexation
  • Secure storage of documents throughout the project
  • Transfer of digital documents
  • End of project: placing into storage, re-delivery or confidential destruction

Ad hoc digitisation

If your archives are with us, how do you view them?  You can choose the ad hoc digitisation option: instead of having the paper document delivered to your premises, we scan it and provide it to you on our platform “MyRecords”, or based on the method of your choice. This economical solution allows you to digitalise individual documents upon request and to access them again in the future. A useful tool to progressively dematerialise your processes.

Digitisation of in-coming paperwork

Invoices, client files, contracts etc., whether you want to have your post sent to us or by organising regular collections, our team takes care of everything:

  • Document preparation
  • Digitisation
  • Indexation
  • Transfer to an EDM platform
  • Destruction or archiving

We are by your side to help you to enter into the era of dematerialisation!

Project management

Do you plan to dematerialise all or part of your procedures, to implement an EDM platform, or you’d like to find out more about digital archiving? Contact us to bring your project to life and let us help you to choose the best solution.

We will offer a range of possible solutions and help you to understand the stakes of a dematerialisation project. Together, we design a project tailored to your resources and industry-specific considerations.

We go even further...

Harsch also offers Secure storage

In addition to the digitisation of your archives, we also offer records management.

Secure storage

Harsch also offers EDM / ECM

In addition to the digitisation of your archives, we also offer EDM / ECM


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