“Save precious time and money by outsourcing your archiving to us”

Secure storage

We offer the best conditions to store your archives, thanks to our secure premises and precise computerised monitoring. Our storage solutions are tailored to your needs and ensure the optimisation of storage costs and improved access to archives.

Secure facilities

Located in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, our dedicated archive storage facilities are perfectly situated to serve all of Switzerland. All of our facilities meet the same security standards:

  • Fire and flood detection
  • Central alarm system
  • Anti-intrusion system
  • 24/7 monitoring thanks to an alarm system linked to a security company
  • Constant monitoring of hygrometric conditions using a sensor system
  • Controlled access, strictly limited to authorised persons

Bespoke storage solutions

A private area, for your ultra-confidential archives: 

  • all of your archives are stored together in a single cabinet or room, with the option of limiting access rights to your designated staff.

A shared area, for your working archives:

  • archives are packaged inside anonymous boxes and stored in our ultra-secure facilities. Delivery upon request or viewing at our facilities.

Computerised management

All archives entrusted to us are managed on a database. Each unit receives a unique bar code, and all movements are recorded in real time in an activity log. Each movement is then validated by scanning the barcode.

This allows you to track your documents with precision at all times . You can also check who viewed them and when.



Harsch also offers digitisation


In addition to the digitization of your archives, we also offer records management.


Harsch also offers records management

In addition to the digitization of your archives, we also offer records management.


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