When to start packing for a move?

A move is always stressful. Some people break out in a cold sweat. Of course, the general organisation of your move determines the date on which you need to start packing. If you are a couple and you use a professional mover such as the removal company in Switzerland, for example, the time you need to plan for packing your belongings will not be the same as that for a family that prepares all of its own boxes. But when exactly should you start packing for a move?

A well thought-out and personalised calendar

Once you have collected your boxes from a shop or removal company, the most common recommendation is to start the moving boxes a month and a half in advance. This time allowed for the packing of your goods is more than enough for you, but you should be able to adapt it to your needs. Logically speaking, the larger the volume of your move, the more time you will need to prepare your boxes! For example, a 250 m² fully furnished house will require a large advance in packing, while a small 20 m² studio can be emptied in a few days. Therefore, you can extend or shorten this recommended period by a month and a half to suit your situation. Once you have decided on the date for packing your belongings, you can reserve dates for packing certain objects, for example, Monday for sorting tools, Thursday for children’s toys, Saturday for the show’s decorations, and so on.

Moving packing service, less stress!

Rather than having to worry about finding the best time to pack your belongings during a move, many removal specialists offer you services such as packing and unpacking for a move, which are often already included in the offer and quotation for the move. This is because some people do not have time to pack all their belongings before D-day. At some companies that offer moving services, they can come and pack your belongings before the day of your move to relieve your stress. Other companies offer this service with a wide range of packing materials. For example, the company in Switzerland, which is a professional moving company, offers you this packing service while ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Packing on time and safely

For the packing part, if you are in Switzerland for example, the removal company in Switzerland is one of the companies you can contact. Indeed, this professional company in the field of removals sends you their packers, with materials specific to your home. They will handle your belongings in complete safety thanks to packing materials for your precious and delicate objects and blankets to protect your furniture. However, it is important to know that as a guarantee, the company will make an inventory of your belongings.