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    “The packing/loading went quite well today, and the crew was incredibly fast and professional. Both times I have experienced excellent service from Harsch, and you are by far the best relocation company with whom I have ever worked.”

    Jonathan H.

    “From the very first time I contacted Harsch, I have been deeply impressed with the service you have provided. Indeed, yours was not the cheapest quote I could get, but I felt so comfortable dealing with your sales, and so impressed with her professionalism, that I thought it best to select Harsch instead of a cheaper competitor. You have proven me right to have done so. The coordinator of my move has also given me a high level of service and friendly professionalism once she took over the file. It has been a real pleasure dealing with both of them as well as the crew on the ground, and should I require international shipping services again (which is likely) I will be calling you.”

    Charles B.