Harsch installs enormous sculptures in the Parc des Eaux-vives for artgeneve

A maje tic park for 14 culpture Organi ed by Thoma Hug, Director of artgenéve, Lionel Bovier, Director of...

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spécialiste transport d'œuvres d'art à artgenève. L'entrée du Salon.


artgenève in Palexpo

I’m rather a hamed of my elf, but I have to confe that it wa the fir t time I have been to the artgenève...

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Un sarcophage romain transporté par Harsch


Harsch transporte a 2000 years old Roman sarcophagus

La t week Har ch ro e to a real challenge, and with true panache! We tran ported a 2000 year old Roman arcophagu...

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Moving of the Fang Lijun exhibition at the Ariana Museum in april 2017 – The video

How to pack and manipulate work of art a fragile and impo ing a tho e of the chine e arti t Fang Lijun take a look...

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