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“Harsch supports you throughout the life cycle of your archives, including their confidential destruction”

Confidential destruction

Traceability of the destruction and compliance with the Swiss regulatory framework.

We destroy your documents upon request once they have reached the legal time frame for their retention, no matter where they are stored. Whether you opt for destruction by shredding-recycling or by incineration, we follow a rigorous methodology:



Identification des archives à détruire selon vos indications Etablissement d’un listing précis soumis à votre validation Méthode de double pointage et scan des unités à détruire

Identification of archives to be

destroyed based on your instructions

Production of a precise 

list submitted for your validation

A two-step identification and scanning

process for units earmarked for destruction


Transport sécurisé et confidentiel Possibilité de plomber le véhicule et/ou les bacs de transport

Secure and

confidential transport

Option to seal the vehicle

and/or the transport containers

We go even further

Harsch also offers archives management

In addition to the confidential destruction of your archives, we also offer records management.


Harsch also offers secure storage

In addition to the confidential destruction of your archives, we also offer secure storage.

Secure storage

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