“While the volume of data is shooting up, the time spent retrieving information can reach 20% of working time”


Tired of wasting time searching for information? Need to ensure secure remote access to your documents while using your operating costs? Youdoc is for you!

What is an ECM platform?

The ECM (Electronic Content Management) platform allows for digitalising, indexing, classifying, retrieving, distributing and archiving corporate documents. It allows for dematerialising and automating certain workflows, and for improving staff productivity. It also facilitates compliance with regulations such as LPD (Swiss data protection law) and GDPR by offering management tools and data traceability.


Youdoc optimizes the management of your documents and enables better risk management through the automation and control of business processes. Available in stand-alone mode or integrated into your information system, in Saas or On Premise mode, on PCs or Tablets, Youdoc makes life easier for users and functional departments and guarantees accessibility, security, performance and data compliance.

Connected to many ERPs and management solutions on the market, Youdoc can be configured according to your business needs and allows global and secure sharing of your documents. As the documentary backbone of your organization, Youdoc improves your productivity and enables better risk management through the automation and control of business processes. Covering the entire document life cycle, the different Youdoc modules can be activated on demand:



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Why choose Youdoc?

Developed and hosted in Switzerland, the ECM solution Youdoc provides a higher level of monitoring and a 360° view of your electronic documents.

Streamlined integration into your Information System

  • Solution connected to numerous ERPs and contract management solutions (Sage, SAP, Cegid, Microsoft Dynamics, IKOS etc.)
  • Customisable solution based on your sector and usage
  • Classification plans tailored to your industry or activity sector
  • Full catalogue of APIs and web services for the customised integration into your IS

Reliable and innovative technologies

  • Automatic and rapid content recognition
  • Virtually instant response times
  • Reliable solution, no matter what the volume of documents processed
  • Indexation of all text content in documents

Compliance with legalisation

  • Conservation schedule and “right to forget”
  • Reliable copy: document integrity checks
  • Events journal (use of Blockchain to ensure authenticity)
  • Advanced signature of documents


A well-design solution for everyday use

  • 100% web-based interface, multi-devices
  • Easy-to-use document search function (full-text)
  • Dynamic selection and filter criteria to refine searches

Security and traceability of your documents

  • Precise management of user rights
  • Integration into your IS based on your security policy
  • Traceability of user actions on documents

A long-term and reliable dematerialisation expert

  • The T2i group, the editor of the Youdoc solution, has been present on the dematerialisation market for more than 35 years
  • A solution developed in Switzerland, with editor-integrator teams to provide you with consultancy and support

Ergonomic and intuitive tool

  • Ease of use, both in terms of speed and ease of access
  • Intelligent, ergonomic and mobile solution, designed to make it easier for your users to get started




Dématerialisation globale

Global dematerialisation

Dématérialisation des factures fournisseurs

Dematerialisation of supplier invoices

Gestion du courrier

Mail management

Signature de documents

Document signature

Gestion des notes de frais

Expense management

Gestion du dossier client

Client management

Gestion ressources humaines

Human Resource management

Reprise d’archives

Archive storage


We go even further

Harsch also offers Digitisation

In addition to the EDM / ECM, we also offer digitisation


Harsch also offers confidential destruction

In addition to the EDM / ECM, we also offer secure storage

Confidential destruction

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