How many days off should I take for a move?

Moving to a new home can be stressful for everyone involved. Before the move, a lot of organisation is required: the signing of contracts, meetings with transport lawyers and the many visits you will have to attend before your heart is set. Many of these cannot be organised outside working hours, unfortunately, as lawyers and estate agents are often limited to 9-5. From the moment you pick up your new keys, you spend a lot of time unpacking, moving furniture from one place to another, decorating and sorting out your basic utilities. The question is: are employees entitled to time off when moving with a moving service?

A 3-day leave for those who work full time

Moving can be a stressful event and requires exceptional time management skills for everyone involved. Prior to your move, visits, lawyer’s appointments, investigations, moving companies, among others, all need to be organised and some of them require meetings during working hours. In the weeks leading up to your move, you should start packing before the day of your move. For those who work full-time, it can be quite difficult to find the time to prepare everything.

While it is in the best interest of employers to be accommodating to staff and to provide some flexibility by allowing employees to take time off during the moving process with professional movers, it is legally very much at their discretion. Employees have no specific right to be granted time off for reasons such as moving. However, an employer would have to justify why it has refused an employee’s request.

What to do?

As a first step, you should consult your personnel manual and your employment contract to determine your personal rights. Some employers grant extra days off (paid or unpaid) or entitlements for special occasions such as weddings, honeymoons or moves with professional transporters.

Historically, the preferred moving day is Friday. For the majority of movers, the day is spent packing and loading all your belongings at the last minute while waiting for the removal van and the notification confirming completion. Once you have collected the keys to your new home, the process starts all over again, with the rest of Friday and the weekend spent unpacking and settling in. It’s perfectly understandable why people want to take time out of the move with a removal specialist.

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