How to choose a removal company?

Are you going to move? Don’t panic, everything will be fine if you are organised and if you have prepared your move carefully in advance. Using a removal company is still the most practical solution: packing personal belongings, protecting the most delicate furniture, transporting it safely to the other side of the country, unloading it without damage (and without lumbago). The services provided by a removal company in Switzerland will certainly be of great help to you. Indeed, choosing an incompetent operator can, on the contrary, aggravate stress.

Contacting several removal companies

First of all, start by asking for some mobile offers from different removal companies. This will allow you to compare the price-quality ratio offered by these different companies. In the second step, it will also help you to balance the services you need and those you may not need. You should also be careful to plan your moving date well in advance: the more time you have, the more choices you will have among the different moving companies. It’s generally recommended that you plan to move at least two months before the date you’ve chosen. This is particularly important if you plan to move in the spring or summer, a traditionally busy time in the industry.

Check the company’s entry in the commercial and insurance register

Removal companies are governed by various laws and regulations. First of all, every removal company must be registered in the commercial register (RC). You can check for yourself that this registration has been carried out by looking up the company’s FDI company identification number on dedicated sites. It is also compulsory to be registered in the transport register and to have a transport licence for each of the removal trucks used by the company. Finally, it may be useful to check that the removal company has insurance covering the value of your belongings, but also the various risks incurred during loading, transport and unloading. Don’t hesitate to ask the professional remover for proof of his insurance and to check its validity date.

Choosing a qualified and experienced removal company

Indeed, moving requires special measures. For your move, you not only need the help of several people, but also a good vehicle. The most practical way to obtain all these items is to hire a removal company. This is particularly the case when you contact the removal company in French-speaking Switzerland. The company will also offer you exclusive services. Namely the delivery and storage of your belongings. Thanks to the removal company in Switzerland, you can dispose of cartons and packaging to protect your goods during transport and handling. The storage services offered by removal companies offer the possibility of renting a warehouse to store your belongings in case you don’t have access to your new home yet. Indeed, this French-speaking Swiss removal company provides more than 20,000 square metres of storage space in Geneva, Gland, Lausanne and Laufenberg, between Basel and Zurich. Thanks to their partners, they can also offer furniture storage services abroad. Their infrastructures are regularly inspected and meet the strictest quality criteria in force in the removals sector in Switzerland. All storage facilities are insured and regularly audited by insurance companies.